Caught by the Pull of It

“Buddhism, or any non-harming activity, can be just as Wrong as any other, depending on the motivation.” (The quote is a link to its source)

This statement brings me back to “Creative power, in the absence of enlightenment, becomes destructive.” Right motivation is essential, in my view. Without it, my ‘creative’ activities can be harmful. It’s why I place a great deal of emphasis on having no Self. In the absence of a Self, there is no selfish motivation, no greed, no ambition, no subjective values of right and wrong, good or bad- no motivation that could make my ‘well-intentioned’ activity harmful.

In the absence of the Self, in my humble opinion, there is only the One (all Life, as a whole). In the absence of selfishness, there is oneness. Self and selfishness are contrivance and dysfunction that I must shed or let go of. In the absence of these self-motivators, there is ‘One-motivation’- the drive to serve all life.

I glean so many gems from Buddhist thinkers/writers I come across. The ‘Gravitation’ I have mentioned, a few different times, at work, perhaps? I am being sucked in… and simultaneously journeying towards, at the momentdancing all the while, reveling in the beauty I am finding…

2 thoughts on “Caught by the Pull of It

  1. The more I read of your blog, the more I come to understanding your choice of blogtitle, Walking No Line, and of The Human Experience. To quote, Kozo [], I show you gratitude with a bow.

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