Time Machine Addresses

I have been reading this great blog by a writer whose handle is Rarasaur. She is a fantastic writer, and is easy and fun to read.

I wanted to have a peak at the evolution, if any, of her writing. I have discovered that I can see all the posts for a month, or year, or even day, by adding a slash and the year I’m interested in to the end of her domain name. If I’m interested in all the posts for a certain month, I can add another slash and the two-digit number corresponding to that month.

For example, if I wanted to see what Rarasaur wrote back in December of 2011, I would add “/2011/12” to the end of the address, like this:


… And now I notice that she has a ‘Monthly Archive’ drop down menu… even listing the number of posts in each month…

So, if you want to see all the posts written by your favorite long-time bloggers like Rarasaur, just click on the Archive drop down menu, which most long-time bloggers seem to have on their sites.

3 thoughts on “Time Machine Addresses

  1. šŸ˜€ You’re reading my writings! *hugs* I’m so flattered. I love using that date system to properly go through blogs, without having to navigate through the archive function. It’s great advice! šŸ™‚ Thanks for the mention and the kind words. šŸ™‚

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