Less features, more community.

The price of a self-hosted WordPress blog is too high- not because of the cost in dollars, but because of the loss of the community I share with other bloggers.

I paid for and set up my own hosted WP blog at a very clever domain name. I figured I’d transition away from this one, and enjoy all the new features I would have, at a fraction of the price I’d pay on wordpress.com.

Buuuut, I miss my ‘friends’. My tags and posts don’t register with the reader on wordpress.com, and people can’t follow me the same easy way they did before, or ‘like’ posts.


I have come to a decision- I will abandon the blog I started offsite as a replacement to this one.

On a brighter note, I have learned more about using WordPress. Especially useful for making things easier to read on my site, is the ‘read more’. I feel silly for all my super long posts, stretching miles and miles down readers’ screens.

I will be revamping, restructuring, expanding some things, and pruning others, over the holidays. I’m a little giddy about doing it. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Less features, more community.

    • I pay far less, with the option of paying monthly instead of a whole year at a time (in case I find I didn’t need the hosting after all), I can host not just a blog at my domain (which comes free with most hosting packages) but a message board to compliment my blog, and anything else I want to have up, without the need to pay for an additional service. I have a collab and proj managment solution hosted alongside my blog and message board- on the same account, with no extra fees, I can host any content, in any format, and have TOTAL control.

      Besides that-
      personalized email addresses
      autresponders (auto emailing)
      ecommerce solutions
      community software
      ad credits for google and Facecrack
      whatever you could need, really

      It is a lot easier to connect with other bloggers and readers as part of wordpress.com, though, which is the point of blogging for me.

      • Thanks for the info. Good to know. I’ve seen a number of bloggers switch to .org and disappear which is sad. But I have also heard that at a certain point, we will all switch over if we keep blogging long enough.
        I agree though, you can’t beat the connections made with wp.com.

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