Less is More

I have three computers. I really only ever use one at a time. They are things and they weigh me down. I know that in the hands of someone else, someone who needs a computer, they would not weigh them down, but probably help them soar.

I have already loaned a laptop and widescreen monitor out to a local artist who lives on an artist’s budget. I think it belongs to him now.

I have another laptop that sits around my place. I may pick it up, but only to move it out of the way. That no longer belongs to me anymore, either. Now I just need to figure out who it does belong to.

That leaves me with my desktop, which is all I ever use anymore. If it breaks down, I can go down to the CompuCorps tech store and get a new one for 75 bucks. Besides, what on earth do I need three computers for?

I have been hoarding wealth and resources that I’ve been entrusted with, when the only reason I am entrusted with a thing is to see it to where it’s needed most (which is not a shelf in my place).

Lao Tzu’s sage carried nothing yet had all the tools he needed with him at all times. I am reminded that, having nothing, nothing can I lose. By valuing my things, I am devaluing people, giving my time, thought, and energy to something that neither gives back nor contributes to other’s lives.

I have actually been talking about doing this and getting ready to get these extra things out of my life, but held off in the hopes of profiting somehow. A month has gone by and the universe has not seen to it that I get reimbursed for my things. I see now that there is greater reward than money in giving them away.

I will be a little more free. You can’t put a price on freedom.

I will have moved a little bit further down the path. I want nothing more.


An update:

Mission accomplished. I have given away both laptops. The second one went to an aspiring local writer. He’s interested in writing social commentary on the deficiencies of our social support systems, and the social injustices facing the working poor and unemployed. This last act of generosity has resulted in a gig setting up an indie writers’ website and online collaboration solution for the site’s contributors and admins.

…So now the universe/Heaven/God has paid me back 🙂

3 thoughts on “Less is More

  1. Good luck to you. This is something I have wanted to do for years and I can feel the freedom you describe by getting rid of “stuff”…maybe I’ll do it someday…I hope. Thanks for the post.

    • Thank you for the wishes of luck. I let the artist know the computer was his now, and the reasons for it. He was happy and understood the reasons for it. Now for the second one…

      I must admit, it has been hard letting go of stuff. All my western upbringing equates stuff with personal success and happiness. I can see and agree with my own decision here, on an intellectual level, very easily, but actually doing it has required strength.

      I’m almost ashamed to admit it required strength to shed my stuff, but excited I was able to push myself past social conditioning and culture and live out my own values.

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