Today I am starting my day with gratitude. I have fallen out of the habit and want to get back into it.

This morning I’m grateful for all of you. You are part of the system that makes up this person, and you have enriched my life in many ways. The scope of my thought is broader and deeper, and contains a greater variety of perspectives, because of you. The values, ideas, opinions, and everything else you’ve expressed- they are a part of my decision making processes, of my evaluation of what I read and see in the world around me, and they’ve made the world more beautiful.


And now that I’ve written this, posted it, and moved on to start reading my favs, I see that Kozo has a post up about gratitude already… (twilight zone music playing in my head)… I hadn’t even read his blog yet and his influence is apparent!


3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Thanks for the gratitude reminder, I’m a better person when I remember to express my gratitude. I am new to this blogging world but I am already so very grateful for those I have been introduced to and their sharing has become invaluable. Thank you…

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