Love, God, and the Tao

Ever have a hard time defining or describing love? I have. How do I describe a feeling? How do I define it?

I can say what it does, and what it doesn’t do. I can point to manifestations, and say what it is not.

It has a name- Love- but that is just a name. It says nothing about love.

I can give it a label, like ‘good’ or ‘universal’, but that label is subjective, subject to change and interpretations, and limiting in a way that degrades love.

There are a few other things that humans are aware of that possess this indescribable nature- God, Tao, Zen, enlightenment, transcendence…

I have known one point in time, one experience, that I think has brought me closest to knowing the idea of love in my limited human way- when I looked at my child in the first couple of years of their life.

In that time, there was nothing my child could do, nothing anyone else could do, that would stop me from doing love in all the ways I know of. I would throw myself in harms way, give of myself even if it meant I went without, and no matter what they did- even swatting at my face in protest of something- I still smiled when I looked at them.

Truly, I have known God in those times. Christians say that God IS Love, and we are His beloved children. In those times with my young children, I have known why God continues to shower me with all the blessings in my life.

I have come to realize that if I treat the world and individual others as I treat my young children- as God treats me– then I will surely follow the right path.

If I abandon my own stores of knowledge and personal wisdom as my guide, and embrace Love as my teacher and coach, then I have begun to follow in the steps of Lao Tzu’s sage, live as Christ lived, and walk the path laid out by other exemplars of Love.

There is a quote in a song I like. “Love is an opening to a higher state of consciousness.” If I love ALL in this way, as I love my young child, that binds me to them and to their interests. If I consider ALL in the way I consider my young child, my thinking and decision making encompasses them all.

Surely this is Oneness and Transcendence.

I used to avoid the word ‘love’ for all its warm-fuzziness and the myriad vague definitions. It wasn’t rational or easy to put into a model. I can see now that it is the inescapable condition, means, mode, and destination of this path that I have discovered.

It seems irrational because its epitome is beyond my limited knowledge, reason, and wisdom. It doesn’t fit into a model because it is infinite in scope, depth, potential, and variety of manifestation. It is warm and fuzzy because it is the vital energy of life. It warms me without having to take physical form. It drives me without needing to be forceful. It guides me without needing to be clearly and narrowly defined.

God/the Universe is Love. I think that when I do for others what God/the Universe does for me (as I do for my young child), I am doing Love and being Love. I am channeling, touching, and reflecting the Divine and Infinite. In that moment I am One with the Divine and one with the object of that love. Imagine the scope of existence when EVERYTHING is object of that kind of love…

3 thoughts on “Love, God, and the Tao

  1. I love the mixture of different theologies in this post. God/the Universe is love. And oneness with the divine can be found in love of another. Great post. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    • Thanks, Kozo 🙂

      There is a mixture of theologies and philosophies in my head, but I find they all parallel one another, with only minor differences in practical application.

      “…oneness with the divine can be found in love of another.” That’s an awesome way to put it. I am going to use that sometime, if you don’t mind 🙂


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