Art and Product

I am a novice composer and producer of music. I can’t read music or play an instrument. I have absolutely no musical training. I do everything by ear, composing the notes and arranging my music on my computer.

I have tried very hard to produce tracks that fit into popular genres of electronic music. I will plug away at tracks for months sometimes and not see the results I want. I am unable to produce a product that will sell and that people will dance to.

There are a couple of pieces of music I’ve made that I am happy with. They came out of me each time in a few hours, and without much effort, unlike everything else. I know now they came out without any effort because I let them flow out, naturally, without contriving them in anyway, or forcing them into a certain box.

With the latest piece, I followed the nature of what came out at first, building on it in the direction it seemed to want to go, instead of forcing along a path to meet selfish wants. I guess I followed the Chi of that first bit of sound, acted in accord with the Tao. Like any action in accord with Tao, it moved and flowed on its own, and the piece grew almost entirely without my assistance.

The first is a classical piece. The second, last night’s creation, is an old school sounding techno track.


2 thoughts on “Art and Product

  1. Love both of these tracks. No training?? These are so professional. I listened to them while blogging and they changed my experience. Thank you for sharing. I love the Chi/Tao analogy to your creative process. Wonderful. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    • Thank you SO much, Kozo. I usually have to muster up courage to share my music with others, let alone post it online. Somehow, I didn’t feel my usual nervousness posting on here. Must be the crowd around these parts 🙂

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