Hey, you over there…


The wrongs I think you’ve done to me are like bricks being added to a wall.

My resentment is the wall that has been built up that stands between you and me.

Forgiveness allows me to jump over that wall.


Your faults are like barbed wire that prevents me from getting closer to you.

Tolerance is like wire snips that let me pass right through all the barbed wire. 


The things which keep us apart sometimes seem like a huge gulf between us.

Patience eventually brings you to me

… I look a little closer now, and see that it is not you who has built this wall that stands between us, or made this mess of barbed wire, or who stands himself far away from me… It isn’t you- it’s me.

I don’t mean to add bricks to the wall separating us. I don’t know how to tear this wall down that has gotten so high.

Please, will you jump over it? It is lonely over  here.


I have gotten myself all tangled in this barbed wire over the years, and it’s taking time to extricate myself.

Please, if you have snips, would you come a little closer to me? It’s hard for me to navigate this mess.


Given enough time, I will untangle myself and throw away all this barbed wire, and, with your help, tear down that ugly wall. Then…

since you’ve waited so patiently for me, I will run to you. I can see the way to you clearly now and won’t delay a minute longer.


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