As I consider problems on a larger scale and deeper level, I arrive over and over at the same conclusion. I see that the best and most important solution, which is both preventative and corrective of personal and social problems, is to be absolutely present and mindful of right here and right now.

2 thoughts on “Return

  1. This is another very good point. I hear echoes of Thich Naht Hanh. If I think back on my own life, I have almost invariably been the person I may be angry at this moment, looking down on, or judging and condemning.

    I am learning that many of the dysfunctions I perceive in people have their roots in their childhood. When I think on the person having any dysfunction, it is important to picture the CHILD they were who suffered- then I can see the adult in front of me as suffering, and in need of compassion rather than condemnation.

    Hugs 🙂 and thanks for reading. Always honored and flattered to be read by someone as inspiring as you.

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