Hamburger Drive Bys

It was a successful night, but I wish I had far more money to put toward this. I found SO MANY more than I thought I would. I need more burgers when I go out. I want to DO more, GIVE more, and be PRESENT more. 

I went to my usual spot, but I didn’t have much confidence of finding people there. I’ve been scoping it out now and then but never seeing anyone. When I got there, I found only a few people, as I’d feared. One seemingly VERY young woman (girl?) asked if she could have another, and I said yes, thinking I’d have to give out a few burgers to each of the people there to get through them all.

The young woman (again, girl, maybe?) told me there were plenty more people just around the corner- which, of course, is the one corner I stop short of when I scope the area out at other times. Now I know where everyone is. The hangout spot has shifted from last year, to just around the block. BUUUUT, now I see there are FAR MORE people down in that area than I ever thought. I felt SO HORRIBLE running out of burgers. Even in the one little cluster where I was handing them out, I still fell short of feeding everyone.

More money, more smiles, in this case. I have a second job. It’s just casual, but it pays me some cash now and then. From now on, until I depart on my big Toronto trip (I’ll get into that this week), all my money from my casual job will go toward Brave The Night excursions. I want to make a bigger difference, not in terms of solving social problems, but in terms of making more smiles on the nights when I do go out.

I put food into the hands of everyone I could down there, without judgement or condition- addicts, dealers, street workers, pan handlers… I don’t care what they do- I’ve done worse. I don’t care what others think of them- they’re my neighbors and I’d give them the shirt off my back right there if they needed it.

They deserve love. I’m sure many of them haven’t seen unconditional love or giving in a long time. These hit and run acts of love are going to continue. If I have my way, I will have a gang, and we will do hamburger drive bys on spots like that. When we’re through, the place will be riddled with smiles.

4 thoughts on “Hamburger Drive Bys

    • I’ve started talking to family and coworkers about what I do. I hope others are inspired and seek out the road (to charity) less traveled, and reach those who aren’t so visible.

      Your words are encouraging. 🙂 Thanks again _/|\_

  1. I just want to applaud what you are doing. It is very rare in this day and age to find someone practicing regular unconditional giving like this. You inspire me to do more. Thank you. {{{Hugs]}} Kozo

    • Thank YOU, Kozo 🙂 Your writing is one of a number of blogs I have found that inspire, and DRIVE me, to DO more.

      Bloggers for Peace, and other like-minded souls I have found here, have breathed enthusiasm and strength into my efforts to find a better way.

      I am encouraged when I read about your own successes, and those of others, in bringing more peace into the world through all these different channels. My faith that making a difference IS possible has been renewed.

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