2 thoughts on “Selflessness

  1. I love this concept. There are dangers along the way though. Emptying of concern for ones-self does not immediately lead to filling with concern for others. One can remain just simply empty, a feeling that those of us with depression know all too well.

    • If emptying of concern for self is part of a journey toward Oneness, or a life of love, and not the desired end itself, then I think the danger of destructive emptiness is avoided. If, however, I expect something to magically happen when I achieve an emptiness, then I think that is dangerous, as you point out.

      I guess the way I wrote it out implies a causal relationship where there isn’t one. I am on a journey, and I will never reach the destination. If I did reach my destination, I suspect that would mean I was deluded or in error.

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