Learn to Unlearn

The more I learn and study, the more I unlearn falsehood and assumptions, incorrect judgments and prejudice. The massive, incorrect model I have had of the world comes crashing down.

All I am left with is a truth that is small, unobtrusive, flexible. Although my model of the world is smaller, it is more inclusive, healthy and loving, and enduring. I am unlearning limits and bounds to uncover something unlimited and beyond language.

The world, as it really is,  as it is being revealed to me through far-reaching and open learning, is a far more wonderous and beautiful place than I had been living in (as seen through my ignorant, covered eyes). People are far more than the labels we place on them, more than what we perceive of them, and have far greater potential than I ever thought possible.

My model of the world, I have discovered, served only the Self. Indeed, although it is supposed to reflect the world, it really only reflected me. It told me my place in the world, made me feel better about myself, and told me I was in control.

The truth, although scary at first, has set me free from maze of right and wrong, good and bad, and the confusing journey towards where others tell me I aught to be.

More importantly, learning about the world has set the world free from me.


4 thoughts on “Learn to Unlearn

  1. I just started reading a book on the history of war and religion, and I wish everyone could read it. The more I learn of history, the more patterns of nonsense I see, the more unlearning I get to do.

    • Learning a thing or two about history has helped me undo much of the prejudice I learned growing up. It has also innoculated me against a lot if the BS people and the media try to feed me today. Thank you for stopping by 🙂 Cheers!

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