About Walking No Line

Wonderer, wandering around, looking for the Way.


Flowers are beautiful as they are when we find them- the way nature and fate have caused them to spring up and blossom.

If I try to reshape the flower, pushing and pulling it, hovering over it every day and blocking the vital light that it needs, it will die.

People are like this.


Going to launch a community project pretty soon. I’ve paid for, and put up, a site for members of the community who are street involved or dealing with poverty and other social issues. It is both an indie news/publishing site and resource directory. I have also hooked it up to a message board to help visitors to the site connect with one another and network. I’ll begin distributing flyers and putting up posters in drop-ins and key spots this weekend. I’m also going to do up some business cards with the site’s info to hand out, attach to hamburgers I hand out.

I think it’ll compliment my own little project of hitting the streets. I will be close to/part of Ottawa’s unseen community, as well as giving them another way to connect with resources and be heard.

The new ‘non-‘

Taoists practice non-doing, assimilate to non-being, desire  non-wanting, and a whole slew of others ‘non-‘s.

In today’s over-populated world, with all of us running low on resources, I think non-consuming should maybe be added to the sage’s repertoire.

I’ll call this enhanced collection of ‘non-‘s Eco Tao.

Going Mobile

Thereby do exemplary people travel all day without leaving their equipment. Though they have a look of prosperity, their resting place is transcendent… abundant possessions mean much loss… They cling to nothing, and so lose noting… Sages do not accumulate anything but give everything to others, having more the more they give.” ~ Lao Tzu

“…Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor… Then come follow me.” ~ Jesus

I am giving away everything I cannot carry with me on foot/on bike, and leaving my home. Continue reading

Passionless AND Present

Ever passionless, thereby observe the subtle.
Ever intent, thereby observe the apparent.

In my own pursuit of enlightenment, these lines from the Tao Te Ching have been key to me. I have taken these lines to mean that the passionless state, in which I can observe the subtle, was the preferred one (which is perhaps correct). However, I have long thought that the way to be passionless was to be UNinvolved in each moment- to be detached and observing as from above.

As I learn more about mindfulness lately, discovering its true meaning and implications, I have come to understand that being fully present in the moment IS the path to a passionless state. Rather than being incompatible, I see that the two are wrapped up in each other- being passionless helps me be fully present, and being fully present helps me to be passionless.

Easy to Remember

I’ve registered a bunch of domain names to help me connect with people I meet:

Wemetsomewhere.com (have to set this one up later today)

Now, whenever I meet someone, and we don’t have time or a pen to exchange contact info, they just need to remember an easy .com that’ll bring them here where they can find my contact info 🙂 I even registered variants in case they get it wrong.

Doers, Un-Doers, and Non-Doers

I was part of a conversation recently about how different people deal with conflict and perceived wrongs. One of my neighbors described himself as a ‘doer’- someone who would argue a point aggressively to save face, and become violent when pressed. He said that he would argue a point even if he were wrong in order to avoid being pushed around or looked upon as weak.

My ‘doer’ neighbor then went on to describe myself and the other gentleman present as ‘talkers’ who used words to assert and defend ourselves, and always tried to make sure we had the moral high ground. While the other gentleman agreed to my neighbor’s assessment, I remained quiet and thought about this.  Continue reading