Today I am starting my day with gratitude. I have fallen out of the habit and want to get back into it.

This morning I’m grateful for all of you. You are part of the system that makes up this person, and you have enriched my life in many ways. The scope of my thought is broader and deeper, and contains a greater variety of perspectives, because of you. The values, ideas, opinions, and everything else you’ve expressed- they are a part of my decision making processes, of my evaluation of what I read and see in the world around me, and they’ve made the world more beautiful.


And now that I’ve written this, posted it, and moved on to start reading my favs, I see that Kozo has a post up about gratitude already… (twilight zone music playing in my head)… I hadn’t even read his blog yet and his influence is apparent!

I’m Busy Cleaning

I have begun studying a new book. It is called Worldly Wisdom, and it is about the Confucian teachings of thinkers from the Ming Dynasty. Good book, from Shambhala, by a J.C. Cleary (Thomas Cleary pen name?)

Anyways, the first line, of the first teaching in the book, reads “You must properly manage your mind and make it sparking clean and always alert.”

I have progressed further in the book, but I am still contemplating this one line regularly. I see echoes of it in the writing of a lot of the inspiring blogs I read, many of which are Buddhist. I have begun efforts to do a deeper ‘cleaning’ of my thought processes and sub-surface feelings and attitudes (if that makes any sense).

I have gotten out of the habit of writing over the holidays, but I intend to get back into it. I don’t have my usual length of post in me today, but I wanted to put ‘pen to paper’ anyways.

Been Away

Hey, everyone. Been away over the holidays. I’m back and reading some very inspiring posts 😀 I will writing again over the next few days and look forward especially to all the b4peace posts I have to read. Happy new year! Cheers

Time Machine Addresses

I have been reading this great blog by a writer whose handle is Rarasaur. She is a fantastic writer, and is easy and fun to read.

I wanted to have a peak at the evolution, if any, of her writing. I have discovered that I can see all the posts for a month, or year, or even day, by adding a slash and the year I’m interested in to the end of her domain name. If I’m interested in all the posts for a certain month, I can add another slash and the two-digit number corresponding to that month.

For example, if I wanted to see what Rarasaur wrote back in December of 2011, I would add “/2011/12” to the end of the address, like this:

… And now I notice that she has a ‘Monthly Archive’ drop down menu… even listing the number of posts in each month…

So, if you want to see all the posts written by your favorite long-time bloggers like Rarasaur, just click on the Archive drop down menu, which most long-time bloggers seem to have on their sites.


I have a confession…

A week ago I disconnected my home from the internet. It was great. I felt liberated and as though I had achieved something great for myself.

Shortly after I had disconnected, a neighbor suggested to me that we wire his home, my own, and another neighbor’s together on a large network. He wanted to share an internet connection with the neighbor on the other side of me, and their WiFi signals were too weak.

I, being a total nerd, could not resist the idea of creating this Frankenstein multi-home network. The unintended consequence, which I didn’t think of until after I’d agreed and set things up, was that the internet passes right through my home, over my own in-home network… I have internet again.

Yes, to reply in advance to any other tech nerds reading this, I realize I could have filtered out the internet from reaching my own devices through admin-ing my own swtich/router. I just lacked the strength- I am an addict.

I haven’t been on an internet binge since it was back in my home. I have sat, largely frozen, unable to move to do any blogging, on or off the internet. I haven’t posted to my blog, and I haven’t written any posts to put up later. I haven’t researched anything, downloaded anything, gone on video marathons… Hmmm…

I often sat frozen at my laptop, like a deer caught in headlights. While this could be a bad thing, it proves something- I didn’t have to relapse into old ADD-like behavior… I can moderate my usage.

Despite having internet again, while so early in my recovery, I didn’t go off the deep end. I have the internet now, and for the foreseeable future. I will restrict my use to reading and writing blogs. I will see how it goes. If it doesn’t work out, I will have to gather all my strength and filter the internet from reaching any of my devices.