Life’s Greatest Riches

Life’s greatest riches are not found, and are not stored up, at the end of my life. The are found here, in the middle of my journey- at every point along the way that I practice mindfulness.


We are Forever. We are One with Everything.

You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. ~ Bible

A person is not a separate being. Continue reading

The Free Mind

I think that a mind that has achieved emptiness and stillness, an entirely feminine state, must be completely free. There are no passions, needs, obsessions, preoccupations…- nothing tying it down, BINDING it, to any moment, any place, or any thing.

Such a mind is free to rise above the moment, the day, month, or one’s lifespan, and perceive forward and backward in time. It is free to assume the perspective of an object, another person, another group, all of mankind, or the entire world. Such a mind is free to accept anything, be anything, do anything, without worry of Self or self-interest.

Thinking on this, I believe a Free Mind such as this, at least to SOME extent, might be a prerequisite of true, utterly selfless, love.

Going to launch a community project pretty soon. I’ve paid for, and put up, a site for members of the community who are street involved or dealing with poverty and other social issues. It is both an indie news/publishing site and resource directory. I have also hooked it up to a message board to help visitors to the site connect with one another and network. I’ll begin distributing flyers and putting up posters in drop-ins and key spots this weekend. I’m also going to do up some business cards with the site’s info to hand out, attach to hamburgers I hand out.

I think it’ll compliment my own little project of hitting the streets. I will be close to/part of Ottawa’s unseen community, as well as giving them another way to connect with resources and be heard.

The new ‘non-‘

Taoists practice non-doing, assimilate to non-being, desire  non-wanting, and a whole slew of others ‘non-‘s.

In today’s over-populated world, with all of us running low on resources, I think non-consuming should maybe be added to the sage’s repertoire.

I’ll call this enhanced collection of ‘non-‘s Eco Tao.