Reverence for Words

I have a proper reverence for guns. They are incredible tools that feed the hunter and protect the vulnerable. They are also incredible weapons, defeating armies, oppressing entire populations, and killing men from great distances.

My handling of guns reflects my appreciation for their power and the potential danger they represent. I would not toss my pistol to you from across a crowded room. I would probably not hand it over without checking the breach, the safety, and ensuring you knew how to properly handle a weapon. I would certainly not fire my pistol wildly in public, or fire it at you when you made me mad.  Continue reading

I Can’t Wait

I can’t wait for someone else to fix the ‘system’, to feed the homeless and hungry, to really listen to the addict, or to to do whatever needs to be done. I know that tonight there will be someone outside, homeless and cold. I don’t care why they’re homeless or what issues they may be dealing with. They’re hungry and they’re a member of my community. Continue reading

Living in the Moment

Yesterday’s baggage is just that- yesterday’s. I will not allow the baggage of yesterday to hold me back today, and I will use my day today to create for myself a better tomorrow.

The persecution and violence I experienced yesterday (speaking of a real world situation) will be answered with kindness and help today. I will learn to tolerate their intolerance, to love them in spite of their hate for me.