I have a confession…

A week ago I disconnected my home from the internet. It was great. I felt liberated and as though I had achieved something great for myself.

Shortly after I had disconnected, a neighbor suggested to me that we wire his home, my own, and another neighbor’s together on a large network. He wanted to share an internet connection with the neighbor on the other side of me, and their WiFi signals were too weak.

I, being a total nerd, could not resist the idea of creating this Frankenstein multi-home network. The unintended consequence, which I didn’t think of until after I’d agreed and set things up, was that the internet passes right through my home, over my own in-home network… I have internet again.

Yes, to reply in advance to any other tech nerds reading this, I realize I could have filtered out the internet from reaching my own devices through admin-ing my own swtich/router. I just lacked the strength- I am an addict.

I haven’t been on an internet binge since it was back in my home. I have sat, largely frozen, unable to move to do any blogging, on or off the internet. I haven’t posted to my blog, and I haven’t written any posts to put up later. I haven’t researched anything, downloaded anything, gone on video marathons… Hmmm…

I often sat frozen at my laptop, like a deer caught in headlights. While this could be a bad thing, it proves something- I didn’t have to relapse into old ADD-like behavior… I can moderate my usage.

Despite having internet again, while so early in my recovery, I didn’t go off the deep end. I have the internet now, and for the foreseeable future. I will restrict my use to reading and writing blogs. I will see how it goes. If it doesn’t work out, I will have to gather all my strength and filter the internet from reaching any of my devices.