Flowers are beautiful as they are when we find them- the way nature and fate have caused them to spring up and blossom.

If I try to reshape the flower, pushing and pulling it, hovering over it every day and blocking the vital light that it needs, it will die.

People are like this.

Easy to Remember

I’ve registered a bunch of domain names to help me connect with people I meet: (have to set this one up later today)

Now, whenever I meet someone, and we don’t have time or a pen to exchange contact info, they just need to remember an easy .com that’ll bring them here where they can find my contact info 🙂 I even registered variants in case they get it wrong.

Look Around

Sometimes looking where I normally wouldn’t provides smiles. I looked up and saw this over a path I take to go somewhere. All across Canada I have encountered these brighten-your-day booby traps. I love that some people care enough about others to leave these smile traps around for them.

I think it could also be an effort to encourage people to be mindful of the world around them, and not just focus on their destination. It’s a reminder that sometimes I miss chances to smile when I am only thinking about/looking toward where I want to be.