Easy to Remember

I’ve registered a bunch of domain names to help me connect with people I meet:

Wemetsomewhere.com (have to set this one up later today)

Now, whenever I meet someone, and we don’t have time or a pen to exchange contact info, they just need to remember an easy .com that’ll bring them here where they can find my contact info 🙂 I even registered variants in case they get it wrong.

Look Around

Sometimes looking where I normally wouldn’t provides smiles. I looked up and saw this over a path I take to go somewhere. All across Canada I have encountered these brighten-your-day booby traps. I love that some people care enough about others to leave these smile traps around for them.

I think it could also be an effort to encourage people to be mindful of the world around them, and not just focus on their destination. It’s a reminder that sometimes I miss chances to smile when I am only thinking about/looking toward where I want to be.