Balance and Rebound

Before the holidays, when I had some down time, I was almost continually engaged in study and contemplation, and in writing and reading about eastern philosophy. I spent more than an hour a day in meditation. It was a period of great growth and movement for me…

Now, not so much. As with every high, there is a corresponding low. I was so excited about the leaps in insight I was achieving that I forgot one of the most fundamental principles- a principle that was in front of me, being read by me, being written about by me…


I lost all sense of balance. Like a gusty wind that doesn’t last the day, I burned myself out intellectually. Focusing my energy, making at sharp, I made it dull grinding it against problems I was over-anxious to resolve.

I am slowly climbing out of my slump, careful this time to go as far as I need to, or as far as the limits I will set for myself, and stop. There is a time and place for study and contemplation, for creativity and writing. I will keep that time and place sacred, and I will keep other times and places sacred to their own purposes.

I am rebounding, but I will stop the ball from bouncing so high. I will dribble it in a controlled way, making my way purposefully and carefully to the goal.