Thinking Me

I learned something very important this last year:

The thinker and the thought are one. I am not a person in the world having a thought- I am a thought being expressed in the world by way of a person.

When my thoughts are on loving another, and are given expression in the things I do, then I am not merely a person DOING love- I AM love.

Eternal Causality

All that came before you was necessary to provide you the life that you have lived up to this moment. The life that you have lived was required to produce the person you are today. The person you are today is the only person capable of having the exact thoughts you now hold. The thoughts you now hold are the seeds of works that will grow and bear fruit forevermore.

If there is a higher power, then surely, I think, he has put a great deal of thought and planning into what he wants you to do.