Goodbye, TV. Hello, Me.

I disconnected my TV a few weeks ago. I gave it away last week some time. I don’t miss it. In fact, I feel liberated, for some reason.

A big part of getting rid of the TV was reducing the amount of time I waste. Time is the most valuable thing I have. I can give it to the big networks so they can make money from advertising, or I can invest it in myself so that it might improve my life somehow. Better yet, I can invest that time in someone else’s life- even if just to listen and not say a word (an investment in other people, is an investment in the world, I think).

Another big factor is a principle I picked up from the Tao Teh Ching. I’ve read, not seeing anything to want causes the mind not to be confused. Also, the chase and the hunt craze people’s minds. I wanted to stop allowing messages into my home that tell me that I need to buy, or be interested in, or value, myriad things that don’t serve any socially beneficial ideal. the greatest benefit I am gaining from my studying right now is my unlearning. 

It is counterproductive for me to allow corporate, profit motivated, psychologist-designed, marketing messages into my home- messages that have been designed to have maximum impact, memorability, and persuasiveness on multiple levels of my psyche. I am one man, but there are teams of highly paid professionals behind many of these ads.

do love my shows, but I don’t love commercials. For now, I will finish out my shows online, and commercial free. Eventually, I intend to move away from video entertainment altogether and use my imagination muscle again in some good books.

I have been enjoying not having TV here. I have had the sounds of a mountain stream and birds chirping playing in the background for a couple hours now. It helps support my mood, without distracting me from, well, me. Video entertainment for me, as for many I know, is an escape. It can, and has for me, become a dependency, even if minor. …

…Talk about distractions- my stomach is growling. I was so engrossed in thought, and writing on my computer, that I didn’t hear my body telling me it was time to put some fuel in it….

Computers are another thing I hope to reduce in my life. I have disconnected my printer to force myself to pick up a pen, and have a more personal connection with my writing. I have cleared the extra monitor and speakers from my desk, too. Books, not webpages (or, at least, less webpages). Pen, not keyboard. (Greater) thought and care, taking my time, slowing down…

I’m not turning into a Luddite (not that there is anything wrong with being one), but I feel driven to disconnect. I live in a city, so nature is not as accessible as I’d like. In addition, it seems that messages, to tempt and convince me to consume and acquire, are everywhere. I need a sanctuary from all that to help with clear, objective thought, and it’s formulation and expression.

… Rambling on again, AND talking about me a lot. ….

In closing, TV- gone, me- present.