The Model

The sage points me in a direction, saying “I cannot tell you how to get there. I can only point to your destination.” He did not tell me, however, that I couldn’t document what I learn along the way…

I have been working on a personal development program for a number of years now. While the idea originated with a verse from the bible, the system has a very eastern theme. I have been building up this program, piece by piece, as my learning has touched on subjects like Christianity, Taoism, Sun Tzu, Plato, Nietzsche, Buddhism, and psychology and the social sciences, to name a few.

This program is based on a model of dependent variables I have discovered at work in my own life. I have observed how changes in the quality of these variables effect other variables. These variables correspond to aspects of the human experience, such as perception, wisdom, and peace, that together represent the totality of a person’s internal and external worlds.

The model itself is a circular chain, representing the direct relationships between variables. All the dependencies between variables flow in one direction, so that ‘B’ is dependent on ‘A’, and ‘C’ is dependent on ‘B’, etc. The dependencies work such that the quality of any variable determines the potential quality of the variable that follows it, all the way around the chain. Additionally, there is a positive feedback between subgroups of variables representing the internal and external worlds, such that ‘C’ helps to improve or refine ‘B’, and ‘B’ does the same for ‘A’.

If my model works, it should help myself and others to understand, predict and manage how this system, which represents one’s life, will behave as different variables are improved.

As I write about personal development based on this model,
I will refer to portions of the following diagrams that illustrate how the system of variables works, where changes in variables should have an effect, and how best to create the positive effects I seek.




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