Learn to Unlearn

The more I learn and study, the more I unlearn falsehood and assumptions, incorrect judgments and prejudice. The massive, incorrect model I have had of the world comes crashing down.

All I am left with is a truth that is small, unobtrusive, flexible. Although my model of the world is smaller, it is more inclusive, healthy and loving, and enduring. I am unlearning limits and bounds to uncover something unlimited and beyond language.

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Mindfulness is Not From Mars

When I bring up mindfulness, many of my friends look at me like I just disclosed being from Mars. The fact is, however, we are reminded to be present and pay attention (the essence of mindfulness) throughout our lives:

Pay attention in class… Look at me when I’m talking to you… Don’t be texting while driving or talking to someone… Stop and smell the roses…

Mindfulness is not new. Calling it mindfulness, and acknowledging its importance, is the only thing new about it.

Thinking Me

I learned something very important this last year:

The thinker and the thought are one. I am not a person in the world having a thought- I am a thought being expressed in the world by way of a person.

When my thoughts are on loving another, and are given expression in the things I do, then I am not merely a person DOING love- I AM love.

The Free Mind

I think that a mind that has achieved emptiness and stillness, an entirely feminine state, must be completely free. There are no passions, needs, obsessions, preoccupations…- nothing tying it down, BINDING it, to any moment, any place, or any thing.

Such a mind is free to rise above the moment, the day, month, or one’s lifespan, and perceive forward and backward in time. It is free to assume the perspective of an object, another person, another group, all of mankind, or the entire world. Such a mind is free to accept anything, be anything, do anything, without worry of Self or self-interest.

Thinking on this, I believe a Free Mind such as this, at least to SOME extent, might be a prerequisite of true, utterly selfless, love.

Complete Reality

The more senses I employ in being present with the object of my attention, the more dimensions there are to my concept and memory of it. It becomes more and more ‘real’, and present in my own world, the more I practice this mindfulness.

It seems, sometimes, like my senses aren’t just relaying information about a thing- they are connecting me to it. It’s like communing with something/someone through mindfulness.

Perhaps this is why being ‘present’, eliminating distractions, is so important in communication. Having distractions present when talking to you means some of the connections aren’t there. I’m not as able to be ‘one’ with you, and with all the levels and dimensions of what you are sharing.

All Is One Movement


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